• Peter Wall

    Filmmaker and Director. Problem Solver. White Board Master.



    I’m a director/producer, sometime-journalist, and co-working space creator. I live in more than one world, and wear different hats as a team leader, storyteller, filmmaker, coach, white-board master, husband, and parent.


    Enjoy your explorations of my site and work.



  • Director / Producer

    In 2016, I returned to producing and directing documentary projects. Some of my work this year has included the companion documentary for Gord Downie’s “Secret Path”, and CBC’s upcoming series “Becoming Canadian.” It's work that I'm incredibly passionate about. I especially love the teamwork and collaboration that takes place while on set and in the field.

    Gord Downie's Secret Path

    Toronto, Ontario

    Story Editor / Field Director

    An Unlikely Librarian

    Rinca Island, Indonesia

    Director + Producer

    Sri Lestari's Story

    Klaten, Java, Indonesia

    Director + Producer

    Swags World - Circles of Co-Creation

    Bali + East Timor, Indonesia

    Director + Producer

  • Hubud

    Bali's first and largest co-working space.

    In 2013 I co-founded Hubud, Bali's first coworking space, recently named one of the top ten co-working spaces in the world by Lonely Planet. Hubud is the largest coworking space in Bali, and a pioneer of the digital nomad movement in Asia.


    Hubud brings people together to connect, collaborate, and create. The space is home to over 250 members from 30+ countries seeking work-life balance in paradise. Our members are a fascinating mix of digital nomads, techies, startups, creatives and change-makers.


    Our work at Hubud has garnered attention from local and international media, including the International Business Times, the BBC, The Telegraph, the Wall Street Journal, TechInAsia, The Huffington Post and the Jakarta Globe. And here's a couple feature interviews with me from Virgin Entrepreneur and Impakter Magazine.

  • Video-Journalism

    From 2000-2010 I worked as a video-journalist at CBC, and produced over 100 mini-documentaries. Filmed in Canada, the US, and around the world, these stories are intensely character driven and seek to tell universal human stories through the plights of one or two individuals.


    Where the Mercury Still Flows

    Grassy Narrows, Northern Ontario

    The Blackberry Nation

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Mission House

    Round Lake, Northern Ontario

    Climbing the Worlds Tallest Tree

    Redwood National Park, California

  • Wildflowers Mindfulness

    An innovative mobile mindfulness program

    Make friends with your mind

    In late 2015 I joined the team behind 'Wildflowers Mindfulness', a new and innovative meditation app. In May of 2016, we successfully launched our app, with over 20k downloads in the first month.


    Wildflowers is a beautiful and immersive experience, built on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) protocol. The app measures heart rate before and after meditation. To measure heart rate, we use an incredible new technology we've developed using the camera on the phone.


    The week of it’s launch, Wildflowers was named a “New App We Love” by iTunes Canada, and a short while later became a highly coveted iTunes ‘recommended app.' You can find the app here on iTunes. 

  • Family Travel Films

    In 2010, I had the idea of making short fiction films with my kids, while travelling. We used wherever we were travelling as the set to the film. It allowed my kids and I to engage in the place we were visiting in an engaging and unique way. And the films are pretty fun to watch too.


    In 2013, I gave a TedX Ubud talk about this, called "Filmmaking as a family affair."


    Up the river



    Canada / China

    The Hunt

    Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

    Little Chef

    Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada

  • Where to find me!

    pgwall at gmail.com